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Things to Think During and After the Covid Crisis

Top Ten Podcast

Episode 3: Things to Think During and After the Covid Crisis


Welcome to our Top Ten podcast. In this series of podcasts, we will be sharing a variety of our Top Ten tips, songs, travel destinations, and more!


In this episode Darren Mason, Senior Tutor at Morley College London Teaching HND Music Performance, will be listing his Top Ten: Things to Think During and After the Coronavirus Crisis.


Darren’s Top Ten: Things to think about during and after the Coronavirus Crisis

  1. Fear: Consider and face your internal fear to avoid it from taking over
  2. Reality: Despite the tough times, think of the positives of your current reality
  3. Finance and Economy: Plan ahead and be ready for any future eventuality
  4. Environment: Take this opportunity to make a change, or sustain the changes you have had to make, such as cycling to work, during this time.
  5. Friends and Family: Build on the connections you have established during isolation to improve your relationships with friends and family.
  6. Fitness: Find your thing! Yoga, Cycling, or any fitness activity.
  7. Personal Wellbeing: Embrace the stillness. Take a moment to yourself. Focus on your breathing.
  8. Skills: Do something to improve your skillset or learn something new.
  9. Creativity: Find your creative outlet and roll with it!
  10. The Future: Despite of the uncertainly, try and be optimistic about the future.