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Morley Radio is the community radio station for Morley College London. It is central to the College’s vision of inspiring ambitions and creating outstanding learning opportunities.  It is a platform for the learner’s voice, showcasing and celebrating student achievement, an invaluable resource for tutors in all subject areas to develop a wide range of course materials and class activities and a space to enable collaboration and building networks.


Located in the heart of the each of our main centres (Chelsea, North Kensington and Waterloo) our radio studios are a state-of-the-art facilities built and equipped to professional specifications.  Students, staff and visitors to the College are encouraged to visit the studios and take part in Morley Radio on whichever side of the microphone that may be. Whether searching for a specific programme, browsing the ever growing range of content on offer or just listening to the live stream, we are sure the listener will find something to intrigue, entertain or inform.

Our Mission

To educate, inform and provide a creative outlet for our students and staff


To engage with our partners in the local community and communities of practice we work with


To play an integral role in disseminating Morley’s mission as an educational provider


To enhance the student experience by building and expanding their networks, developing their digital and industry skills, providing a platform for peer learning and growing their confidence

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers come from all areas of the college, and the local community, including managers, tutors, students and local stake holders.


If you are a talented and creative individual, then Morley Radio is the place for you! Get in touch and get involved!

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