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Tips for Online Teaching

Top Ten Podcast

Episode 2: Tips for Online Teaching with Joanna Duchesne


Welcome to our Top Ten podcast. In this series of podcasts, we will be sharing a variety of our Top Ten tips, songs, travel destinations, and more!


In this episode Joanna Duchesne, Tutor at Morley College London Teaching Pronunciation for people who have English as a Second Language, will be listing her Top Ten: Tips for Online Teaching.


Joanna’s Top Ten: Tips for Online Teaching:

  1. Don’t just teach online
  2. Keep it simple!
  3. Take time with your online materials
  4. Keep it visual and interesting
  5. Make your class an inviting place to be in
  6. Set reasonable expectations
  7. Scaffold your learning
  8. Stay Flexible
  9. Reflect on your teaching
  10. Look after yourself and enjoy it!


Joanna Duchesne studied French and Spanish to degree level, and after a varied career in audio-visual production, she returned to her love of language. She now works part-time at Morley and also runs a film co-operative.

As a child, Joanna developed a speech impediment because she was slightly deaf. Following an operation and speech therapy her speaking and hearing became normal. This experience, she thinks, sparked her fascination with the sound of language and the way people speak.

She now teaches pronunciation and ESOL at Morley. She also runs film-making workshops and multimedia training.