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Waterloo Wellbeing Podcast

Social Prescribing and Power Nap Pods

Episode 1

Guest: Dr George Verghese

Host: Bridge Virden



London is a hard place to stay calm, healthy and happy, so any short cuts or deals are worth sharing. In this podcast we will offer lots of low cost or free ways to look after your wellbeing in central London.


The guests on this podcast will be doctors, dog walkers, yoga teachers, dancers, community gardeners & Fitbit addicts. I will review swimming pools and gyms that are free along with other more unusual offerings that have sprung up in central London to benefit wellbeing.


This first programme will cover the changes going on at our biggest local Health Centre that can connect you to community groups and activities with guest Dr George Verghese.  Followed by a test ride of a Power Nap Pod in Holborn.