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Ain Bailey

Episode 3

Guest: Ain Bailey


Thursley is a monthly music show exploring the historical context and influences that have informed the work of women and gender-non conforming artists. Each month we will unearth their practices and navigate their artistic discoveries.


Ain Bailey is a composer, sound artist, and DJ, her compositions encompass field recordings and found sounds and are inspired by ideas and reflections on silence and absence, architectural urban spaces, and feminist activism. Her electroacoustic compositions are created for a variety of forms, including multichannel and mixed media installations, moving image soundtracks, live performance, and dance.




Evelyn King: Shame (Mix) Interlude- ‘Wickers & Bullers’ Magazine
You Bet Your Love – Herbie Hancock
I Feel Love – Donna Summer
I Thought It Was You – Herbie Hancock
Variations For Winds, Strings and Keyboards – Steve Reich
Audition – Ain Bailey
Wysing Arts Centre – Ain Bailey
And We’ll Always Be a Disco in the Glow of Love’ – Ain Bailey
Furtive Furtive Suspicious – Ain Bailey
Breath – Ain Bailey
Super JR – Ain Bailey
Julius Eastman Speech
Remember to Exhale – Ain Bailey and Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski