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Episode 2

Guest: Sunun


Thursley is a monthly music show exploring the historical context and influences that have informed the work of women and gender-non conforming artists. Each month we will unearth their practices and navigate their artistic discoveries.


Bristol-based selector and producer, Sunun who built a reputation on her monthly residency on Noods Radio ‘Everything is Drum’, which sought to champion the movement of “revolution music”: the sounds of social movements around the world. Sunun’s time spent amongst the Candomblé religion later became a source of focus on redeveloping unique sounds and musical structures that are traditionally rooted in rhythm, inspiring her first released EP entitled Ooid.




Everything Is A Drum – African Head Charge
Candombele – In Praise Of Oxalá And Other Gods / Black Music Of South America
Fire Da Bun – Drums Of Defiance: Maroon Music From The Earliest Black Communities Of Jamaican
Ishe Roots – Sunun
Rhythm Of Resistance (Lioness Dub) – Donette Forte
Msg Inna Stab – Sunun
Under Me Sleng Teng – Wayne Smith
Sleng Again – DJ OaSiS & Ape
4dem – Sunun
Min Al Mukhayyam Toulad Al Ru’aya – Sabaya Al Intifada
Yalalela – Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud
$kin – Sunun