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Vivienne Griffin

Episode 1

Guest: Vivienne Griffin


Thursley is a monthly music show exploring the historical context and influences that have informed the work of women and gender-non conforming artists. Each month we will unearth their practices and navigate their artistic discoveries.


1. The Agony of The Broken Hard Drive – Vivienne Griffin 
2.  Lux Aeterna – György Ligeti
3.  Phenomenon – Pan Daijing
4.  O Superman- Laurie Anderson
5.  Medicate or Meditate – Vivienne Griffin 
6. Things You Do Not Have To Be – Vivienne Griffin 
7. The Great Un-Now – Vivienne Griffin 
8. The Agony of The Broken Hard Drive – Vivienne Griffin
9. Hyper Functional Ultra Healthy: Un- Now – Vivienne Griffin 


About Vivienne

Born in Dublin, based in London and New York, Griffin makes sculptures, drawings and audio works in their antidisciplinary practice. The voice, vernacular language and noise are used in text works (2D and aural) and free poetic form is applied to assemblages of objects (found and made). They are currently focussing on the problematics of hyperindividualism in new body of work and the uses of sound (and/or silence), dance music, meditation, singing and podcasts as means of transcendence of the self. Their work seeks emancipation from the apathy of banality: entangled with everyday life it implicates the ordinary as rare.