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The World of Science

To what extent are Octopuses alien?

The World of Science

Episode 4: To what extent are Octopuses alien?

Guest: Anya Charman Jones


A series of podcasts, with featured guests, exploring the many aspects within the field of Science and discussing the range of issues facing Science in the current world. These will include issues such as the formation of the earth, how nerves communicate, climate change, the solar system, health issues, and much more. The podcast is presented by Dr Fiona Murray.


In this latest episode of The World of Science Fiona is delighted to be joined by Anya Charman Jones to discuss the topic are octopuses alien. Anya has recently written a research paper on this topic for her A level biology. Join Fiona and Anya has they discuss the anatomy and behaviour of octopuses and find out whether they believe these wonderful sea creatures are indeed alien or not.


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