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The Student Council Speaks

Meet Our Oxford Physicist: Pam Murphy

The Student Council Speaks
Episode 3: Meet Our Oxford Physicist: Pam Murphy 


Have you ever wondered what happens behind closed doors? Do you like the idea of being a fly on the wall? ‘The Student Council Speaks’ is a Student Council-led podcast that unveils the diverse voices and stories that make up Morley College today. Marshal Ngcongco, our Student Council Chair kicks of the series with intimate interviews among council members, the podcast then expands its reach to feature staff members, governors, and even special guests!


Welcome to another captivating episode of The Student Council Speaks! Today, we introduce Pam Murphy, a distinguished member of the Student Council. Join us as we delve into Pam’s multifaceted background, from her tenure as a civil servant to her remarkable achievement of earning a physics degree from Oxford University! Learn about Pam’s current role as a Prison Governor and the meaningful contributions she