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The Rock Stop

Episode 1

The Rock Stop

Episode 1: Grunge


Rock music has been around for a while and it evolves as every group of new musicians pick up guitars or drumsticks, learn to play and either copy the people they grew up listening to, or develop their own sounds, writing lyrics that reflect the full range of backgrounds and beliefs of those drawn to this musical style.


Many of us enjoy rock music, have our favorite bands and know a bit about where they come from. But the Rock Stop aims to take listeners a bit further, lifting the lid on the key individuals and musical highlights of a different sub-genre of rock in each episode, then talking to people who just enjoy or are experts in the sub-genre.


Minerva is a singer, songwriter and rock musician based in London, who grew up listening to her dad’s collection of rock music and listening to his anecdotes about bands. She is hoping to share some of her love of rock music with the audience as they go on a tour of all things rock.




1. Minerva – Dead
2. Green River – Swallow My Pride
3. Malfunkshun – With Your Heart Not Your Hands
4. Melvins – Honey Buckets
5. Skin Yard – Burn A Hole
6. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
7. Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick
8. Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
9. Alice In Chains – Man In The Box
10. Nirvana – Come As You Are
11. Mother Love Bone – Stargazer
12. Temple Of The Dog – Say Hello 2 Heaven
13. Pearl Jam – Even Flow
14. Pearl Jam – Do the Evolution
15. American Football – Never Meant
16. Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows
17. Queens of the Stone Age – Song For The Dead
18. Van Halen – Runnin’ with the Devil
19. Queen – Another One Bites The Dust
20. Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant
21. Scarlxrd – Heart Attack (censored version from YouTube)
22. Myth City – Evacuate
23. Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
24. Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
25. The Isley Brothers – This Old Heart Of Mine
26. The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Reprise / Remastered 2009