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The Maximum Reinhardt Show

Guest: Sarathy Korwar

The Maximum Reinhardt Show

Episode 30: June 2022

Guest: Sarathy Korwar


The Maximum Reinhardt Show features the voyages along rarely-travelled musical waters that became Max’s version of the Late Junction template, with sound art, dub, rural blues, contemporary classical, free jazz, folk, electro acoustic, rap, noise, and other sonic flotsam and jetsam floating in on the tides.


A producer, composer, Radio 3 DJ and alternative music aficionado, Max Reinhardt has over many years assembled an extensive collection of rare recordings spanning world music, jazz, electronica and experimental music, which he has made available exclusively to Morley College, its students, and contributors to Morley Radio.



Lou Reed – I’m Waiting for the Man – May 1965
Angel Maxine – WO FIE

Caterina Barbieri – Terminal Clock

Auntie Flo – Mother Theresa (Original Mix)

David Lang – The Writings: No. 2, If I Am Silent (After the Book of Esther)

Nana Tsiboe and Asem Ni – Odumankuma Bwua Mi (live)

Tumi Mogorosi – Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

Claudio Jorge – Denise

Orchestre Massako – Gnekelhe Mohi

Auntie Flo & Sarathy Korwar – Ga

Auntie Flo & Sarathy Korwar -Ni

Auntie Flo & Sarathy Korwar – Ma

Auntie Flo & Sarathy Korwar – Sa

Marjan Vahdat – Homeland

Avalanche Kaito – Lebere

Carl Stone – Longo