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The Imposters Club

Lowering expectations, summer holidays and TV

The Imposters Club
Season 6 Episode 5: Backing yourself at work, unionising Swifties and a podcasting deja-vu


The Imposters Club is back for season 6, helmed as always by Sinéad and Mel: two best mates figuring life out, one episode at a time.


This week we’re learning to lower our expectations in order to actually enjoy ourselves more. Mel’s summer holiday dreams weren’t quite the same as the reality, so we’re letting go of the Insta-perfect highlight reels and letting ourselves find joy in the bloopers. And talking of bloopers – have you been watching And Just Like That? Unattainable wealth and overwhelming cringe aside, this season has offered us some interesting meditations on grief that seem to have been lifted directly from Sinéad’s brain.


We’re taking a break so Sinéad can go on her honeymoon, so let’s catch up in the Autumn!


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