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Backing yourself at work

The Imposters Club
Season 6 Episode 5: Backing yourself at work, unionising Swifties and a podcasting deja-vu


The Imposters Club is back for season 6, helmed as always by Sinéad and Mel: two best mates figuring life out, one episode at a time.


This week we’re doing it: we’re officially backing ourselves at work. We’re reflecting on everything we’ve learnt over the past 6 seasons: how Imposter Syndrome functions, how we can manage it and what our values are, and now we’re putting it into practice. We’re talking about figuring out what you need, making your business case (we know, we know), and managing that difficult conversation. Also, in a sentence we’d never thought we’d say: the Swifties are unionizing (please don\’t come for us). Where does the line between actively participating in a fandom and collective bargaining lie? And why are people applying the language of industrial action to the personal life of a 33 year old woman?


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Dr Sam Akbar, Stressilient