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How can I apply for jobs without losing my mind?

The Imposters Club
Season 5 Episode 5: How can I apply for jobs without losing my mind? With Stefanie Sword-Williams


The Imposters Club returns for our 5th season, and this time we’re talking WORK. Sinéad’s pivoting her career, Melissa’s returning from maternity leave and the whole world is talking about how we can work better.


The job hunt: a time in your life that starts out full of hope and quite quickly becomes a bit soul-destroying. Sinéad’s been there all season – in that big cycle of hope and rejection, where separating your worth from the essential criteria on a job description can be tricky. Sound familiar? Don’t worry! We’re joined this week Stefanie Sword-Williams, founder of F*CK BEING HUMBLE, to chat about overcoming the fear of self-promotion and maintaining momentum when applying for jobs feels never ending.


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F*ck Being Humble’s Revamp Your CV PDF (Sinéad found this really helpful!)

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