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The Imposters Club

Do we need to stop talking about Imposter Syndrome

The Imposters Club
Season 5 Episode 1: Do we need to stop talking about Imposter Syndrome?


WE’RE BACK! The Imposters Club returns for our 5th season, and this time we’re talking WORK. Sinéad’s pivoting her career, Melissa’s returning from maternity leave and the whole world is talking about how we can work better.


In our first episode we’re going back to basics by deep-diving into what brought us here, and asking the potentially podcast-ending question: do we need to STOP talking about Imposter Syndrome? Stay tuned for why you can’t ‘fix’ it (and why it’s not your responsibility to) and how Imposter Syndrome might make you a better colleague after all. Hmm…


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Presenters: Sinéad Kennedy Krebs and Melissa Murdock
Editor & Studio Manager: Camilo Salazar at Morley Radio
PR & Brand Partnerships Producer: Georgie Rutherford


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