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The Good Enough Guide to Pregnancy (Part 2)

The Imposters Club
Season 4 Episode 9: The Good Enough Guide to Pregnancy: Part 2


The Imposters Club is back with The Good Enough Guide, a 10-part post-lockdown survival guide to help you feel good enough and choose what’s good enough for you.


Content warning: periods, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage


We’re back for part two of our bumper baby special! Mel’s having a baby (yay!) and in this episode she shares her story since finding out she was pregnant after a miscarriage, from getting her head around how her body’s doing this to trying to get dressed in the mornings. We’re also joined for a chat by the brilliant Hollie de Cruz, birth and parenting coach, author of ‘Your Baby, Your Birth’ and ‘Motherhood Your Way’, and co-host of the Making Womb podcast. We talked about trusting yourself, asking for what you need and feeling good enough as you approach becoming a parent. We know this can be a sensitive subject- and we’ll be talking about some difficult moments- so if you need to skip this episode we’re sending love and will catch you another time.


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