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The Good Enough Guide to Change

The Imposters Club
Season 4 Episode 8: The Good Enough Guide to Change


The Imposters Club is back with The Good Enough Guide, a 10-part post-lockdown survival guide to help you feel good enough and choose what’s good enough for you.


It’s safe to say we’ve dealt with a LOT of changes over the past 18 months. Some of them have been externally imposed, like the lockdowns and restrictions, redundancies and bereavements. Some have been changes we’ve chosen, like choosing to leave a relationship that’s not working or a career change. Whether they’re joyful choices or devastating changes, change can feel really destabilising and scary- and that can make us question our own worth. So we chatted to certified life coach and founder of the Curiosity Club, Catri Barrett, about how to cope with change, lean into the fear and adopt a growth mindset, whatever changes you’ve experienced.


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Marisa Bate, ‘I’ve left London because I will never be the same person I was before the pandemic’, inews



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