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The Good Enough Guide to Body Image

The Imposters Club
Season 4 Episode 4: The Good Enough Guide to Body Image


The Imposters Club is back with The Good Enough Guide, a 10-part post-lockdown survival guide to help you feel good enough and choose what’s good enough for you.


In this episode, Sinéad and Melissa get to grips with how our relationships with our bodies have changed throughout the pandemic. After a year stuck inside staring at our faces on Zoom, diet culture is as pervasive as ever and everyone seems panicked about the ‘lockdown glow-up’- and that’s all while we’re dealing with the physical effects of stress on our bodies. Body image researcher Dr Nadia Craddock from the Body Protest podcast pops in to talk about how the pandemic has impacted our body image, the importance of diet-free workplaces and how we can support each other in having a better relationship with our bodies.


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Presenters: Sinead Kennedy Krebs and Melissa Murdock
Producer: Camilo Salazar at Morley Radio
Editor: Ruby Illing (Morley Radio Volunteer)
PR & Brand Partnerships Producer: Georgie Rutherford


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