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The Imposters Club

The Good Enough Guide to Social Anxiety

The Imposters Club
Season 4 Episode 3: The Good Enough Guide to Social Anxiety


The Imposters Club is back with The Good Enough Guide, a 10-part post-lockdown survival guide to help you feel good enough and choose what’s good enough for you.
In this episode, Sinéad and Melissa talk about socialising after lockdown, from feeling exhausted after seeing friends, to navigating FOMO and  the newly scary concept of Soho on a Saturday night. They’re joined by Chartered Psychologist Dr Heather Sequeira to talk about what’s happening in your brain at a garden party, choosing quality over quantity and rebuilding your social stamina.
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Presenters: Sinead Kennedy Krebs and Melissa Murdock
Producer: Camilo Salazar at Morley Radio
Editor: Ruby Illing (Morley Radio Volunteer)
PR & Brand Partnerships Producer: Georgie Rutherford


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