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The Good Enough Guide to Money

The Imposters Club
Season 4 Episode 10: The Good Enough Guide to Money


IT’S THE FINAL EPISODE OF THE GOOD ENOUGH GUIDE! A 10-part post-lockdown survival guide to help you feel good enough and choose what’s good enough for you, brought to you by The Imposters Club


In our final episode (before we head off to get married, write a PhD thesis and have a baby- not necessarily at the same time), we’re talking about what nobody seems to want to talk about: money. Sinéad and Melissa discuss how the pandemic has changed their relationships with money, while finances can make us question whether we’re good enough and how we can move forward and prioritise financial wellbeing in the new normal (we know, we know). We’re also joined by the brilliant Ellie Austin-Williams of This Girl Talks Money to chat about overcoming financial fear, having conversations about money and finding balance.


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Presenters: Sinead Kennedy Krebs and Melissa Murdock

Editor & Studio Manager: Camilo Salazar at Morley Radio

Editor: Chané Ghuman at Morley Radio

PR & Brand Partnerships Producer: Georgie Rutherford


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