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Notes on Invisible Illness

The Imposters Club
Season 2 Episode 6: Notes on Invisible Illness, Hidden Disability and the Creative Industries with Gabriella Leon & Rose Wardle


In this episode Sinéad and Melissa are joined by two brilliant guests: actor, writer and activist Rose Wardle, and actor, writer and star of Casualty Gabriella Leon. Rose and Gabriella join The Imposters Club to chat about the imposter syndrome and weird privileges that come with hidden disability and invisible illness, media representation and how to be a better ally.


This episode is available to watch with closed captioning here:

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Rose Wardle IG: @rosesusanlily
Gabriella Leon IG & TW: @gabriellaleon_
@DANC_MANC (Disabled Artists Networking Community)
@triplecmanchest (

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Recommended reading: “Year of Yes! How to dance in the sun and be your own person” by Shonda Rhimes