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The Imposters Club

Notes on Old Friends, New Friends & FOMO

Episode 5

Notes on old friends, new friends & FOMO


Welcome to the Imposters Club, a podcast helping you fight the voice in your head telling you that you aren’t good enough, brought to you by almost-thirty-something best friends, Sinéad Kennedy Krebs and Melissa Murdock.


In the third episode, Sinéad and Melissa delve into some of the most significant relationships we have in our lives, our friendships, and how we can experience that imposter feeling with our old friends, when making new friends, and in those relentless Whatsapp groups.


We’d love to hear your stories of feeling like an imposter, so email us at and each episode we’ll be sharing some on the podcast. 

IG: @theimpostersclub
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Show Notes


Aly Semigran, Well and Good, Friendship Imposter Syndrome Explains Why You Sometimes Feel Your BFF Hates You


bell hooks, Communion: The Female Search for Love


Deborah Tannen, You’re the Only One I Can Tell: Inside the Language of Female Friendships


Lauren Bravo, Why I’m done apologising for replying late to people, Refinery 29


Victoria Turk, Digital Etiquette: Everything You Wanted to Know about Modern Manners But Were Afraid to Ask


Xine Way, ‘You need to stop having impostor syndrome with your friends’


Justin Myers, ‘I have Social Impostor Syndrome and it’s holding me back – but it ends today’, Metro


Arlin Cuncic, ‘Imposter Syndrome and Social Anxiety Disorder’, Very Well Mind