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From The Romans to Windrush

John Blanke

From The Romans to Windrush

Episode 3: John Blanke


From the Romans to Windrush: A podcast series about the lives and achievements of key figures of Black British History: presented by Simone Adams, a retired lawyer, lecturer, podcaster and former Morley College student.


This episode will tell the story of the lives of Black tudors, who freely lived, worked and died in Tudor England, including the most famous of all Black Tudors, John Blanke, a royal trumpeter in the court of Henry VII and his son Henry VIII, the evidence of whose existence can still be found in the College of Arms today. This episode will also unveil the recent work of various academics, hwic may shed a new light on two of the most controversial events in Black British history before Windrush, namely the deportation 2 Royal decrees supposedly issued by Elizabeth I, during the last few years of her reign, which for decades have been viewed as the first ‘anti-black’ deportation laws.