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Roll With It

The Queens of Oasis…Subjectively

Roll With It

Series 2 Episode 3:The Queens of Oasis…Subjectively

Roll With It is a student-led platform for young people at Oasis Academy Southbank, in South London. By giving sixth formers the space to discuss a range of topics pertinent to their own lives, the podcast helps to amplify their voices and experiences.


After a break and by popular demand Roll with It is back with a whole new sixth form cast discussing the hottest topics circulating around Oasis Southbank. For Episode 3 of Roll With It our Year 11s return with Destiny, Ikram and Faith discuss if they value love or money and give their version of top 5 scariest teachers (again).  Our Hosts also reflect on Reddit threads whilst blessing us with random moments of ASMR.Pumi and Ms El-Fouani appear as special guests to give insight into their escapades to Senegal over Winter Break, whilst also giving advice on how to deal with Heartbreak. The pair also reflect on the trials and blessings of raising a child as a single mother.




In this Episode:


Special Guests Interview:Zeinab El-FouaniPumi Dlova