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Roll With It

Love and Religion

Roll With It

Episode 2: Love and Religion 


Roll With It is a student-led platform for young people at Oasis Academy Southbank, in South London. By giving sixth formers the space to discuss a range of topics pertinent to their own lives, the podcast helps to amplify their voices and experiences. In this month’s episode, students discuss parental love, the death penalty and advice they’d give to their younger selves.


In our latest episode of Roll With It, Ruth, Niveen, Sumeya and Tamera discuss the impact of religion on dating/relationships and the hurdles people may face. The group also discuss navigating topics including the balance between work and wellbeing and giving their top 5 music artists. As always students of Oasis Southbank also seek the wisdom of our hosts in navigating school life.


In this Episode:

Ruth Sobogun
Sumeya Rage
Tamara Justin
Niveen Surchi