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Radio Drama at Morley

Breakfast Included

Radio Drama at Morley

Episode 11: Breakfast Included

Written by Jake Lyons


Morley Radio Repertory Company Present a short drama. The Blandford Hotel has been taken over by a mystery buyer, and no-one knows what the new owners have got planned. Will the team keep their jobs, or will they be replaced by self-check ins and robot porters? Stuart, the manager, tries to keep his team together until the meeting at 7 o’clock reveals their fates.



SAM – Philly Desai

MRS. JENKINS – Lisa Blackwell

MARK – Riaz Syed

SONIA – Juliet Garricks

CHEF – Yiannis Sykovaris

DEBORAH – Sarah Phillis

STUART – Johnathan Watkiss

other characters were performed by the company


Music written and performed by Chris Calloway and Paul Edwards

Breakfast Included was written by Jake Lyons

Directed by Julia Lewis