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Powered By You

Fear of Failure

Powered By You
Season 2 Episode 5: Fear of Failure

Guests: Dr Jai Shree Adhyaru and Deva Kendall-Tory


Powered by You is a podcast produced and hosted by Zino Khalfaoui (RBKC) in collaboration with Morley Radio (Morley College London) where he invites young adults from the local community to discuss the latest hot topics which impact their lives such as health, education, creativity, family life, and physical wellbeing. This podcast will also promote various programmes, raise awareness, and increase civic participation.


In this episode, we’ll dive into a topic that resonates with so many of us: the fear of failure. Failure is a universal experience that can evoke feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and uncertainty. It’s that nagging voice in our heads that tells us to play it safe, to avoid taking risks, and to stick within our comfort zones. But what if we could embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, a catalyst for growth, and a pathway to discovering our true potential? In this episode, Zino will explore the intricacies of the fear of failure with the help of our esteemed guest Dr Jai who is a charted psychologist who has been working within the RBKC community for over 10 years, and she has profound insights to share on this topic.


Together, we’ll unpack the underlying causes of the fear of failure, its impact on various aspects of life, and most importantly, strategies for overcoming it. We’ll discover how reframing our mindset, building resilience, and embracing failure as a learning opportunity can transform our lives and unlock our true potential.

These episodes are also uploaded to the RBKC YouTube channel and also available in Spotify, Google, and Apple Podcasts


This project is a partnership between Morley College London and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea



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