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Powered By You

Digital exclusion

Powered By You
Season 2 Episode 3: Digital Exclusion

Guests: Raphaelle Lewis and Leno Jojcavic


Powered by You is a visual podcast produced and hosted by Zino Khalfaoui (RBKC) in collaboration with Morley Radio (Morley College London) where he invites young adults from the local community to discuss the latest hot topics which impact their lives such as health, education, creativity, family life, and physical wellbeing. This podcast will also promote various programmes, raise awareness and increase civic participation.


In this episode, Zino will be talking to Raphaelle from RBKC’S Digital Inclusion Team. Digital exclusion is an issue which affects about 10% of the UK population. Whether it’s a lack of access to a device, data, not having the skills or the confidence to do the things we need to do online, it can have a hugely negative impact. Whether you yourself face barriers around accessing the internet, or whether others in your life struggle with doing things online, it’s likely all of us have got first-hand experience of this.


This project will being run in partnership between Morley College and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea



Kensington and Chelsea Council
Morley College