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Stop & Search – Misconceptions and Your Rights

Powered By You
Episode 6: Stop & Search – Misconceptions and Your Rights Explained

Guests: Sargent Anthony Miller and Mohamed Maknassa


Powered by You is a visual podcast hosted by Zino Khalfaoui where he invites young adults from the local community to discuss the latest hot topics which impact their lives such as health, education, creativity, family life, and physical wellbeing. This podcast will also promote various programmes, raise awareness, and increase civic participation.


In this episode, Zino speaks to Anthony Miller who is a Sargent in the local Metropolitan Police to discuss and dissect any misconceptions around Stop & Search. This intervention can help the police detect crime and make our communities safer. However, ‘Stop and search’ is one of the most scrutinised police powers by those who experience or witness it. There is a lot of concern amongst young adults that the police’s ‘stop and search’ powers are used incorrectly or unfairly. People feel like they have been stopped for no reason – and they are not sure of their rights. This episode helps to explain the law and your rights, and what you can do if it happens to you.


This project will being run in partnership between Morley College and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea



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