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Joe Newman

Morley Gallery Podcast

Episode 4: Joe Newman



Welcome to the Morley Gallery Podcast! We will be sharing with you new stories and discussions with artists, curators and special guests in the arts and design industry.


For the October edition of the Morley Gallery podcast I’m going to be talking about an exhibition we have coming up at the Chelsea Centre Gallery, opening online on 6th November.


During the pandemic lockdown the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust sought emergency supplies of personal protective equipment and reached out to local organisations for support. Approached by a student about the potential for using the Chelsea Centre as a pop-up factory, students, teachers and facilities worked with teams of NHS volunteers to establish a textiles workshop.


During the time the factory was open one of the volunteers, Joe Newman, took a series of photographs documenting the process. A professional photojournalist, Newman captured the urgency and professionalism of the experience, and entered one of his pictures into a contest run by the National Portrait Gallery named Hold Still, intended to capture a hundred images of the country under the pandemic.


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