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Mindful Morley

Guest: Emma Mills

Mindful Morley

Episode 2: Emma Mills


Welcome to Mindful Morley, a podcast which explores our wellbeing. In this series we talk to people about their thoughts and beliefs about living life well, what they do to relax, and any techniques they use to help approach life’s challenges.


Our guest joining us today is Emma Mills. Emma is an award-winning author and one of the UK’s leading voices in the field of meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing. We talk about how she evolved to where she is today, and hear more about her book ‘Inhale, Exhale, Repeat’.


You can find out more about Emma’s work via her website


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Joanna Duchesne runs mindful pronunciation classes at Morley helping others speak English confidently. She fell in love with radio in her twenties, doing work experience at the BBCWS and volunteering in a community women’s radio group. For over two decades she ran video production units in NGOs and charities, and co-headed a film cooperative. She now runs JDworks, providing socially minded production services. She volunteers at Morley Radio because those studio buttons make her happy and she likes to help out.