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Mea Culpa

A sitcom by The Awkward Silence

Mea Culpa
A sitcom by The Awkward Silence (Ralph Jones and Vyvyan Almond).


In the quiet confessional of a Catholic church, parishioners come to unburden their souls before God. Or, that’s the idea. The Professor uses it as a vehicle for his militant atheism; Roy has permanently mistaken the confessional for a Caffe Nero; and the rest are mostly there for the free wine. Faced with a bewildering series of evidently unhinged parishioners, their long-suffering priest, Father Matthews, tries valiantly to get them to stick to the point.


But, whatever the challenges, Father Matthews is adamant that nothing will deter him from his fervent intent: to shepherd his flock to the gates of Paradise. Even if sometimes he would gladly leave some of them behind.


With the listener never leaving the confessional in which each episode’s action takes place, Mea Culpa provides a glimpse into the strange private lives of an eclectic London community, all of whom just want someone to talk to about their problems.


Cast in order of appearance:
Vyvyan Almond
Ruth Bratt
David Reed
Ralph Jones


Studio manager:
Camilo Salazar


Conrad King