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London Hat Week Podcast

Rachel Frost

London Hat Week Podcast
Series 2 Episode 3: Rachel Frost


Welcome to the new series of the London Hat Week Podcast. Georgina and Becky are back with an exciting new selection of guests, new branding and more!


In this episode Georgina and Becky are joined by Rachel Frost, hatter, feltmaker and historian with a passion for understanding the origins and minutiae of processes behind traditional crafts. You may know Rachel as The Crafty Beggars or Rachel Frost Hatter on Instagram. We first met Rachel in person when she arrived at London Hat Week wearing the largest entirely hand made bi-corn hat anyone had ever seen before or since. Find out how the hat was made as well as the story behind her adventures in Mexico.


Rachel Frost is a Hatter and a Historian. Inspired by a love of folk tradition and history, she uses a variety of traditional craft skills to create both historical hats and her own original designs. Sustainability and the environment play a fundamental roll in her making process, using natural materials, foraged plant fibres, natural plant-dyes and low-impact technology.


London Hat Week was founded in 2014 by British Hat Guild members Georgina Abbott of Atelier Millinery and Becky Weaver of HATalk to celebrate the craft of hatmaking. The majority of visitors to London Hat Week are independent designers running small businesses as makers and online retailers through their own websites and other channels such as Etsy.


We are proud of our manifesto of celebrating hats and celebrating London in the city that is home to some of the most talented milliners in the world, and this time we aim to include even more hat enthusiasts than ever before! London Hat Week hopes to lift everyone’s spirits a little and play our part in recovery from these very difficult times.



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