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Language of the Month Podcast


Language of the Month Podcast

Episode 7: Patois 


Welcome to the Language of the Month Podcast on Morley Radio. In each episode, Florence Marfo (Programme Manager at Morley College London Waterloo) will be featuring a different language and inviting tutors and students to talk about their experiences with the language.


As October is Black History Month, we thought we’d promote Jamaican Patois, one of our newest languages in the Department. Jamaican Patois is quite unique in that it lies on a continuum of expressions that derive closely from some African languages at one end, and that look and sound like English at the other. If you are interested in learning Jamaican Patois, why not book your place on our free Jamaican language taster on 22 Oct at 7pm, and or join our mini course after half term?


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