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Language of the Month Podcast

Ancient Greek & Latin

Language of the Month Podcast

Episode 11: Ancient Greek & Latin


Welcome to the Language of the Month Podcast on Morley Radio. In each episode, Florence Marfo (Programme Manager at Morley College London Waterloo) will be featuring a different language and inviting tutors and students to talk about their experiences with the language.


Morley College Languages is proud of its reputations of offering a range of language courses. This month we celebrate Ancient Greek & Latin, two of our niche languages in the Department. These language courses differ from our standard classes, where verbal communicative skills development is the main focus. What you do develop on these courses is a growing awareness of the influence of Latin and Ancient Greek on English language and culture. If you are interested in these courses, why not listen here to the podcast and attend our language taster at the end of the month.


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