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Red Garland

Episode 3: Red Garland

Guest: Flavio Li Vigni


London-based pianist and Jazz Piano tutor Tim Richards gets together with various Morley Music tutors to discuss their favourite tracks by some of the most influential jazz pianists.


For this episode Tim has invited Flavio Li Vigni, drummer and Head of Jazz at Morley, to discuss the music of Red Garland.




1. Blues by Five
2. You’re My Everything
3. If I Were a Bell
4. I Could Write a Book
5. Oleo
6. What is This Thing Called Love
7. Constellation
8. Tenor Madness
9. Please Send Me Someone To Love
10. Traneing In
11. Soul Junction
12. Birk’s Works
13. Manteca
14. Milestones
15. Billy Boy


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