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Jazz at Morley

Asaf Sirkis Quartet

Episode 4
Guest: Asaf Sirkis Quartet


A series of interviews led by Flavio LiVigni on which artists, who have set the standard on the British scene and newcomers redefining the style and spirit of Jazz, discuss their favourite albums. These interviews were recorded live at Morley College as part of the 2019 Jazz at Morley concert series.


In this episode, Asaf Sirkis and Flavio Li Vigni discuss a couple of tracks from the album 8:30 by Weather Report, followed by two excepts from Asaf’s Quartet concert at Morley on March 22, 2019.


Interview Featuring the tracks

1. The Orphan
2. Sightseeing
3. A remark you made
from the album 8:30 by Weather Report


Excerpts from Asaf Sirkis’ Quartet Live at Morley on March 22, 2019

1. Spooky action at a distance
2. Letter to A