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In The Company Of

Erika Winstone

In The Company Of

Episode 7: Erika Winstone


A podcast that takes a peek inside Morley College, its inhabitants and wonders who are the people that make up this world. Host Lana Citron will be chatting to different members from the Morley community; a tutor, student or member of the staff – wondering what makes them tick, what inspires them, their aspirations and hopes and how they found themselves within the world of Morley.


In this episode, Lana speaks to Erika Winstone. Erika is a London-based artist and curator best known for her wall installations combining drawn-paintings, performance video, and the medieval practice of metalpoint. She talks about her installations for Morley gallery relating to her ongoing work London Project, combining fragments from the following fictional and documentary films: Exhibition, Ghost Dance, Full Moon in Paris and House in Bayswater, with re-enactments she recorded in the same locations some years later, performed by herself and her daughter Anna.


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