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Ann Cowling

In The Company Of

Episode 16: Ann Cowling


A podcast that takes a peek inside Morley College, its inhabitants and wonders who are the people that make up this world. Host Lana Citron will be chatting to different members from the Morley community; a tutor, student or member of the staff – wondering what makes them tick, what inspires them, their aspirations and hopes and how they found themselves within the world of Morley.


In this episode Lana speaks to Ann Cowling, Music Administrator at Morley College London.


Ann was born and raised on a farm in East Yorkshire just south of the Ouse. She eventually left Yorkshire for London, to attend a fine art course at Goldsmiths, and then moved on to become a model.

After years of modelling, Ann had decided to change careers, and had started working with advertising photographers as an agent, PA, producer, casting, location finding, styling or whatever was needed.

In 2006 Ann had noticed that her phone stopped ringing – it felt like a recession was coming, and she needed a job.

She had then joined Morley as a temp administrator for the Humanities department, and was later appointed as the Music administrator in the same year.

She has been at Morley College ever since, and now lives in SE London with her daughter, Isobel, who also works at Morley, and four cats.


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