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Ronit Dassa

In The Company Of

Episode 10: Ronit Dassa


A podcast that takes a peek inside Morley College, its inhabitants and wonders who are the people that make up this world. Host Lana Citron will be chatting to different members from the Morley community; a tutor, student or member of the staff – wondering what makes them tick, what inspires them, their aspirations and hopes and how they found themselves within the world of Morley.


In this episode Lana speaks to Ronit Dassa, she shares with us what she learned about the fascinating origins of Morley College while writing her History MA dissertation, studying at UCL, about the history of Morley College.


Ronit Dassa is a Senior Lecturer at Morley College, teaching on the Humanities and Social Science Access to HE courses.  Ronit is passionate about building local communities, adult education and promoting lifelong learning. She has worked in many different industries striving to make a change and the world a more just and equal one.


Prior to becoming a lecturer, Ronit worked in the film industry as an assistant editor and producer, working for a progressive film company, making films on a variety of social justice issues, such as homelessness and housing, Labour rights, working class history and anti-war films. She produced and directed a short film on the history of a North London council housing estate and the community of people living in it, Titled ‘Views from a Pear Tree’. She worked at a NGO charity, which worked with partner organisations in Asia, Africa and Central America to promote democracy, labour rights, disability rights, social justice and gender equality. She was also a long time Trustee at a local play and youth community centre promoting communities and services for young people.


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