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Grenfell Stories

Moyra Samuels

Grenfell Stories

Episode 2: Moyra Samuels


Welcome to Grenfell Stories. In this series of podcasts, we will be commemorating the Grenfell Fire tragedy three years ago on June 14th in which 72 people lost their lives and many many more were affected.


The community of North Kensington is as vivacious as it is diverse with a rich cultural, political and social history and it is the idea of community we will be focusing upon in these podcast interviews with community members past, present and future. We aim to highlight the work of the North Kensington community to look to the future with hope.


In this episode, Moyra Samuels, a local resident of the North Kensington Community and recently appointed Governor at Morley College London, will be speaking to Craig Hanlon-Smith. Moyra is an activist in the community supporting fight against gentrification, support for local libraries, anti-racist groups. She has also become a key spokesperson of the Justice for Grenfell campaign.