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George Hider plots a path through a series of recordings that will hopefully all sit somewhat happily together under his rather loose filing system of M for Music.


Focus this month is on solo performance, or on music which seems to explore the possibilities of a particular instrument.


1. Sonata #2 In A Minor for Solo Violin, BWV 1003 – 4.Allegro by J.S. Bach, performed by Chris Thile
2. Ballad of Newfangled Vicissitudes by Brandon Seabrook
3. #188 from Hermeto Pascoal’s Calendario do Som, performed by Paul Metzger
4. Low Sudden by Daniel Lanois (feat. Rocco DeLuca)
5. Wax Fang by Ryan Albert Miller
6. One & Two by Blake Mills
7. Out of their heads (on locoweed) by Fred Frith
8. Javali: Revathi by U. Srinivas
9. Hello Goodbye Hello by Susan Alcorn
10. Clapping Music Variations by Glenn Kotche
11. Out of many waters by Jeremiah Cymerman
12. Blespac (Spathages) by Mick Barr
13. San Francisco Holiday by Thelonious Monk, performed by Miles Okazaki
14. Kinda Messy by Antonio Sanchez
15. Django by John Lewis, performed by Dorothy Ashby


Links from this month’s episode


Chris Thile, Live from Here

Paul Metzger plays Hermeto Pascoal’s 188 on banjo

Daniel Lanois and Rocco DeLuca, live performance in the studio

Susan Alcorn talks and plays, at Bop Shop Records

Alien Space Music from another galaxy – Susan Alcorn & Mary Halvorson at The Stone, NYC – August 7 2016

Jeremiah Cymerman – 5049 Podcast

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