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George Hider plots a path through a series of recordings that will hopefully all sit somewhat happily together under his rather loose filing system of M for Music.


This episode’s focus is largely on instrumental and improvised musics from the US, but that could change at any point along the way!


Track List

Spatial Serenade (Excerpt) – Mary Halvorson & John Dietrich
Imperfect 10 – The Nels Cline 4
Physical Cities – The Bad Plus
Glamour Shot – Dave King Trucking Company
Cock ’n Bull Story (live) – The Jim Campilongo Trio
Shortly After Takeoff – Marc Ribot
Voice of Chunk – The Lounge Lizards
Small Car – The legendary Marvin Pontiac
Calgon for Hetfield – Happy Apple
Mirrors of Blessed Miracles – Zebulon Pike
Bovine Ventricles – Brandon Seabrook
Neutron Star – Ben Alison
Surfs Up – The Beach Boys


Links from this month’s episode


Dave King, A King for Two Days, Concert Documentary by Noah Hutton

Don Mount’s YouTube

Lounge Lizards, Voice of Chunk, Live on “Night Music”, 1989

Lounge Lizards, Live in Berlin, 1991