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Daverage Normal’s Average Podcast Show


Daverage Normal’s Average Podcast Show

Episode 9: Octophonic


Daverage Normal’s Average Podcast Show brings you closer to new and upcoming musical creators. Avoiding a rapid fire 20 question interview we aim to pose some key open questions which will allow the artist to discuss and go off on their own tangents about who they are. We will also listen to one of their tracks and discuss the creative process they went through in bringing it to life.


Taking time to sit down with Miles Davis, aka Ocotphonic, takes our conversation from the early 90s, across to Canada and back as we explore his musical journey. A veteran live synth performer, modern day electro break producer, and remixer we explore his background, approach, and how it sometimes does take time to take a track from conception to completion. While his music appears to always have a nostalgic tinge to it, it is without a doubt very much at home in the present day, as evidenced by his remixes of tracks from his musical circle. Whiteqube and Test Card.


You can find Octophonic on Spotify