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Daverage Normal’s Average Podcast Show

Mark Hex

Daverage Normal’s Average Podcast Show

Episode 16: Mark Hex


Daverage Normal’s Average Podcast Show brings you closer to new and upcoming musical creators. Avoiding a rapid fire 20 question interview we aim to pose some key open questions which will allow the artist to discuss and go off on their own tangents about who they are. We will also listen to one of their tracks and discuss the creative process they went through in bringing it to life.


We are joined by Mark Hex in conversation today and listening to a collection of tracks from his recent EP, Live in the DDR. There was a lengthy interview and great conversation but due to

Recorded in an empty room with non COVID spreading machines in the midst of early 2021, with Mark Estall at the helm. The stripped back, haunting sound of a ghostly audience pervades the entire album. Flowers of Romance era Public Image Limited, Alien Sex Fiend, Kaelan Mikla, early Siouxsie and the Banshees and, of course, The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds, are clearly on show. Mark Hex continues to DJ and play live around London. His next show is a DJ slot at legendary dark club, Slimelight.

You can find Mark Hex on Spotify.