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Crossing Borders

Episode 4

Crossing Borders

Episode 4: April 2022 (Day 61-66)


When Russia invaded the Ukraine and refugees started to arrive in Poland, Amber and her husband Paul decided that they had to do something. Amber is originally from Houston Texas, and Paul was born of Polish parents in the UK, in Scotland. They have both been living in Poland for the last 6 years and run an Education Foundation/Conference Centre in Sichów (pronounced Shihoof) in South East Poland. They decided that they had no choice but to open the centre to refugees and focus on helping them in whatever way they could.


Paul’s mother, Rose, did the same in 1939 when the Germans invaded Poland. However, aside from a few family anecdotes, there is no real record of how life was for her and the people suddenly thrown together because of the war. Amber decided that this time it was essential to keep a record, some form of documentation. Hence these diaries which she started to write on March 8th 2022.


Diaries narrated by Basia Rostworowska