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Co[v]ping Diaries

Sheila Vollmer

Co[v]ping Diaries
Episode 25: Sheila Vollmer


Welcome to the Co[v]ping Diaries. A podcast where our Morley Radio community will be sharing their self- isolation stories, anecdotes and tips on how to stay busy and motivated during this challenging time.

In this episode Sheila Vollmer, Head of Sculpture at Morley College London, will be taking to us about her experiences in this self-isolating/social distancing new world.


Sheila Co[v]ping Resources:

Co[v]ping Song: Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell

Just play‘ – a guide not just for musicians -‘to reconnect with a profound sense of freedom and spontaneity’.

John Plowman’s sculpture book. John was previous Head of Sculpture at Morley and made the book while working as such; including images used from Pelham Hall sculpture studio.

Cycling around London is something I’d like to do as miss cycling to work Morley.

Again, I’ve wanted to experience the sound of the nightingale and was going to try and book this year.