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The Co[v]ping Diaries

Tim Taylor

Co[v]ping Diaries

Episode 16: Tim Taylor


Welcome to the Co[v]ping Diaries. A podcast where our Morley Radio community will be sharing their self- isolation stories, anecdotes and tips on how to stay busy and motivated during this challenging time for us all.


In this episode, Tim Taylor, Head of Dance at Morley College London, will be taking to us about his experiences in this self-isolating/social distancing new world.



Tim’s Co[v]ping Resources:


Co[v]ping Song: Andrews Sisters – Apple Blossom Time

Recipe: leek and potato soup here 

Fun YouTube video (rated PG/15!) Trixie and Katya react to Glow-Up on Netflix here

Inner-city exercise – walking the squares of Islington here

Poem Exchange received: Burnt Norton – T.S. Eliot here

Watched on Netflix: Self Madereview here; Ozark season 3- review here