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Conservation Heroes


Conservation Heroes

Season 3 Episode 2: Climatiq
Guests: Patrick Stirling


Welcome to Conservation Heroes, the heroes of this show are the dolphins, bats, otters, mangroves, newts and many others who are protecting our environment right now. This show will look at different laws, guidelines, or policies and will also offer you some top tips to help you protect our planet and even become a conservation hero yourself. Each episode will contain interviews from scientists, academics, lawyers, environmental activists and more.


In this episode we talk to Patrick Stirling, a passionate, open-minded innovator with a life-long habit of soaking up information and knowledge – then acting on it. Patrick is the Director of Product at Climatiq, a mission-driven startup seeking to drive climate action through data and insight, he brings expertise in lightning-fast technology development built at the Guardian and numerous scientific and data-driven start-ups and scale-ups.