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Conservation Heroes


Episode 9: Wetlands
Guest: Alfredo Quarto, from Mangrove Action Project


Welcome to Conservation Heroes, the heroes of this show are the dolphins, bats, otters, mangroves, newts and many others who are protecting our environment right now. This show will look at different laws, guidelines, or policies and will also offer you some top tips to help you protect our planet and even become a conservation hero yourself. Each episode will contain interviews from scientists, academics, lawyers, environmental activists and more.


On todays’ show we have Alfredo Quarto, the founder of the Mangrove Action Project to talk to us about his work with wetlands, his love of wildlife and what we can do to support the climate and the environment.


Wetlands are ecosystems that are either covered in shallow water or are periodically and flooded, that support an incredible range of plants, birds and other creatures. Mangroves, swamps and marshes are all types of wetlands, and they play a huge role in storing carbon. Wetland mud can sequester large amounts of carbon and the protection and restoration of wetlands can offer a natural climate solution, alongside reducing emissions.

However, these eco-systems are at risk. For example, a study published in Environmental Research Letters, found that mangrove soil held around 6.4 billion metric tons of carbon in 2000, but between 2000 and 2015, up to 122 million tons of this carbon was released due to mangrove forest loss.



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Recorded at Morley Radio on September 22, 2020